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Tile Cutting Machine Features Introduced
Dec 15, 2017

Tile cutting machine is a professional cutting machinery processing tile, ceramic tile construction industry is often used to a building materials, with the social development and progress, everyone for the decoration of the house have a certain understanding and requirements, There are certain requirements for the tile style, so this pressure to the tile cutting machine is also very large, today to talk about the function of ceramic tile cutting machine.

Function: Slotted. Rounding edge, chamfer 45 degrees, cutting.

Cutting, anti-chute and other multi-function set in one. Tile processing plant is one of the essential equipment.

Performance characteristics, mainly for small size, small quantities of tiles, stone cutting, trimming, grooving, chamfering, grinding round edge. The aircraft low investment costs, easy operation, stable operation, no vibration, is the best choice for shops or construction sites. With grinding function, suitable for cutting all the ceramic tile, no chipping, head movements using electric lift, electric left and right movement, the nose can be adjusted within the range of 0-90 degrees, the stone can be trimming, chamfering, efficiency High, easy to operate, is widely used in stone cutting industry. Decoration essential tool industry, with it can double your craft and efficiency. Tiles, marble are easy to cut. Full-featured, deep cutting, grooving, multi-angle cutting, no chipping, no shaving. Once formed alloy rails, so that your cutting more accurate. Power efficiency is very powerful.