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Function And Composition Of Front Positioning Device Of Aluminum Cutting Machine
Dec 15, 2017

Aluminum cutting machine is generally used after the positioning mode, which is only suitable for longer aluminum, and short aluminum can not be positioned, so the short aluminum can only be discarded, thus wasting aluminum, in order to solve the problem of waste of materials, we The positioning device comprises a base body and a bottom plate, wherein one end of the bottom plate is fixed on the base body by the fixing plate, the top plate, the supporting plate, the round pipe, the threaded block and the positioning block, the round pipe support The other end of the bottom plate, and the substrate is a rectangular cut aluminum workbench, the work surface is a rectangular platform composed of a plurality of parallel pipes arranged in parallel, the workbench supports one side of the solid body and the two support columns, The middle of a linear opening, as the material for the mouth, the lower part of the physical support has two parallel threaded mouth, parallel to the workbench plane 1 cm below the plane, the bottom plate is provided with a long strip of fixed block located on the side of the plate, Locked on the floor. The bottom plate has two functions: one is used to place the material transferred from the base workbench, the other is used to place the fixed with the positioning block fast, the fixed block is provided with a scale, which is used to cut the length of the material Positioning, the bottom plate fixed to the substrate in the top, with the bolt to the top of the solid substrate support the bottom of the threaded hole.