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Aluminum Cutting Machine Rack Structure And Composition
Dec 15, 2017

Aluminum and its alloys have a series of excellent properties. In the application of metal materials, the application of aluminum is second only to that of steel, ranking the second place. Especially after World War II, the military industry of aluminum turned to civilian industry and then entered all aspects of people's lives, becoming an important basic material for developing the national economy and improving people's material and cultural life. Rapid growth in social demand, applications continue to widen. Aluminum rod is the raw material for the production of aluminum, the aluminum profile, you need to cut the aluminum rod into a section of the cylinder, but the current aluminum rod cutting machine, there is no good discharge device, the cut cylinder Shaped aluminum rod unloaded, are carried by hand, so time-consuming and laborious, and just cut a good aluminum bar on the high temperature and burrs, will cause injury to workers. Aluminum rod cutting machine discharge rack, and aluminum rod cutting machine technology, including the front leg and hind legs, the length of the front leg is I. 5 ~ 2 times the length of the hind legs, front legs and front legs, hind legs and rear A connecting frame is arranged between the legs, a connecting frame which is connected between the front legs and is connected between the back legs, and a left side plate and a right side plate which are arranged on the upper part of the front leg and the back leg. The utility model is characterized in that the left side plate and A roller is arranged between the right side plates, the left side plate and the right side plate are C-shaped bent plates, the right side plate is provided with a feeding opening on the front leg side, and a feeding plate is arranged on the feeding opening. The aluminum cutting machine output rack structure is simple, easy unloading, can save time and manpower, simple operation, reliable and safe.