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Aluminum Cutting Machine Operation Precautions
Dec 15, 2017

1, the daily need to check whether the lubricant cup of oil, my company uses 20 # of air compressor oil, should be kept at seven full, to avoid air compressor parts without lubricating oil and reduce the service life, check whether the pressure to maintain 6-7kg Pressure to operate, the pressure is too large or too easy to damage the components of the air pressure, the machine's water filter has an automatic number of water features, such as automatic drainage can not replace the water filter device to avoid pipe water, the impact Machine work

2, the power when not in use should be kept closed fuse switch to ensure the safety of machines and personnel

3, at the lubrication, the strut and the pressure rack ring with the Department, connecting rod frame before and after the shaft, the cylinder connector and into the discharge roller in the two with the Department, to be checked once a week, timely refuel lubrication, to avoid stuck caused Downtime loss

4, cutting oil: The injection group can spray CPC-R32 or saponified oil, the air volume can be adjusted and the left and right oil can be controlled separately using aluminum cutting oil or water-soluble cutting oil (saponified oil) 1:20, the ratio can not be too thin , To avoid too much moisture caused by rust or stuck, the daily check the oil is sufficient, insufficient to be added, the full cooling can increase the life of the tool to reduce the aluminum cut flash.

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