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Aluminum Cutting Machine Cutting Speed Instability Reasons And Troubleshooting
Dec 15, 2017

Aluminum cutting machine sawing aluminum, the speed instability, fast and slow when the machine may be installed with the sawing speed is not controlled, in addition there may be insufficient storage tank oil. Methods and steps to solve:

1, the speed of sawing speed valve adjustment is good, clockwise a small amount of wind, anti-clockwise adjust the amount of wind, determine the nut tighten

2, turn off the power, wind source, check the storage barrel behind the cylinder to see if the amount of oil is appropriate, if too little, open the oil cap oil reservoir, and then added to seven full, and then covered with oil cap;

3, replace the cylinder: Turn off the power and the source of wind, the connecting rod shaft pin and take out the pin (tool), relax the cylinder shaft fixing nut, rotating cylinder and oil tank removed so far, and then the fault cylinder Separate from the oil reservoir, engage the new cylinder with the oil reservoir and combine with the opposite step of removal

4, adjust the pressure of three combinations 4-6kg / cm2, reduce the use of other machines air compressor, replace the large air compressor, air leakage replacement parts and air pipes.