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Aluminum Cutting Machine Cutting Oil Selection Method
Dec 15, 2017

Cutting oil is the necessary auxiliary material aluminum cutting machine, plays a lubricating role in the cutting process, but how to choose the right cutting fluid? In general, the cutting fluid according to metal processing technology and requirements to choose, cutting fluid is divided into two kinds: one is oily, the other is water-soluble, in most cases, aluminum cutting machine manufacturer will In the technical documentation or operating instructions it is clear what cutting oil is used; however, it is a rule of thumb to recommend oily cutting fluids if the aluminum saw blade is a high speed steel blade for low speed cutting, For high-speed alloy cutting, we recommend water-soluble cutting fluid, aluminum cutting machine recommended by our company the ratio of oil to water 1:20 water-soluble cutting oil; when the cylinder for liquid or cutting fluid to reach the cutting area, We can use pure oil cutting fluid, such as bore broaching, tapping, in other cases can usually use water-soluble metal cutting fluid. In short, according to the specific cutting conditions and requirements, according to the different characteristics of purely oily metal cutting fluid and water-soluble metal cutting fluid, taking into account the different actual situation of each factory, such as workshop ventilation, waste disposal capacity and before and after the procedure The use of cutting fluid, etc., to select the specific type of cutting fluid.