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Aluminum Cutting Machine Cutting Finger
Dec 15, 2017

1, before processing, visual inspection of the material to be processed specifications, length, whether the drawings meet the requirements; appearance with or without protection, with or without modification, scratches, etc.

2, open the aluminum cutting machine machine power running machine, listen to any abnormal sound, check the trachea with or without leakage, with air gun aluminum cutting machine table clean, no abnormal machine can begin production. CAUTION: If the equipment fails, it will cause injury to the product and cause scrap to the product. Therefore, after the equipment is turned on, you must check the equipment before it can be manufactured normally. If the equipment is abnormal during power-on or production, stop immediately and report to the leader.

3, according to the size of the production task list, set the scale on the aluminum cutting machine length, angle and check,

4, adjusted, the normal cut

5, after cutting the aluminum, check both ends of the material mouth is smooth without burrs, bump, if there is down debugging to see whether the speed is reached, the blade is sharp, and measure the length of the aluminum, angle, etc. are in a reasonable error Range.

6, if not qualified, will be reported to report the report to the leader, such as commissioning before mass production.