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Which product do need slitting machine to make?
Mar 02, 2018

As we know,slitting machine is a common equipment in the machinery processing,its main function is to slit steel coil,so all we must know about it,otherwise it will affect machine’s of using effect

1.Is there any operation technical?

Slitting machine must be operated according to operation technical,not as your wish,otherwise machine will be damaged,so operation staff should train and test in order to guarantee machine’s effect and using life

2.Can slitting machine be used in aluminium coil processing?

Via cast rolling pure aluminium or aluminium alloy to get aluminium strip,or via cold rolling mill to roll hot aluminium coil to get various of different thickness and width thin plate aluminium coil,then using slitting machine to get different width aluminium strip according to different slitting machine will be used in the processing of aluminium strip. 

3.Which craft will proceed firstly,cutting or welding?Is slitting machine used in the processing of steel rolling?

In general,cutting is earlier than welding,then going on welding quality inspection.such as flaw detection.cold rolling mill and hot rolling ,if necessary,slitting machine can be used to meet different rolling requirement.

4.Whether the slitting machine can be usde in cutting silicon steel sheet in transformer core?

The iron core of transformer is very important part,its material is silicon steel sheet,according to the transformer requirement to cut silicon steel sheet so as to go on latter process,beside slitting line ,cut to length line also is used .

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