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Whether high-speed leveling and shearing line purchase should pay attention to and compare equipment
Dec 10, 2018

The high-speed leveling shear line is a production line for high-speed leveling and shearing operations, and from the current point of view, it is used in machining, so it requires a deep understanding to achieve the correct and rational use of the product. In this way, we can make full use of it and avoid waste of products.


1. Is the high-speed leveling shear line the same as the CNC unwinding slitting line?

High-speed leveling shear lines and CNC unwinding slitting lines, it is clear that these are two different production lines, as can be seen from their names. However, the two production lines are the same in some operations, and there are four processes of unwinding, leveling, shearing and winding. In the operation steps, it is for unwinding-leveling-shearing-receiving. Volume, so the two production lines are both identical and different.


2. Do you want to pay attention to the purchase of high-speed flattening shear lines?

The purchase of high-speed leveling and shearing lines is an important task from a professional point of view. Therefore, it needs to be taken seriously and carried out. It cannot be mistakenly chosen because of sloppy treatment, and thus the product cannot be used and given to users. Bring economic losses. In addition, when purchasing this product, all relevant factors should be taken into account in order to have accurate judgment and correct selection of results to avoid wrong choice.


3. What are the important aspects of high speed leveling shear lines? Is there a difference between the high-speed unwinding and horizontal cutting lines in the middle plate?

The important aspects of high-speed leveling shear lines are, from a professional point of view, the three aspects of product design, manufacturing and assembly, because they are related to the normal use of the product and whether it can have good performance and use.


The high-speed unwinding and leveling transverse line of the middle plate is a specific type of production line. It is a process of unwinding, leveling and shearing cold-rolled or hot-rolled steel coils and stainless steel coils to obtain plates of various specifications. In terms of its definition, there are some differences between it and the high-speed leveling shear line. The two cannot be equated.


4. Medium-plate high-speed unwinding and leveling cross-cutting line and high-speed leveling and shearing line. Do they have the same equipment?

The high-speed unwinding and transverse cutting line of the middle plate is to unwind, level and shear the cold-rolled plate, the hot-rolled plate and the stainless steel plate to obtain the plate of the desired size, which is on the device. There are loading trolleys, uncoilers, feeders, limiters, levelers and shearing equipment, and these equipments can also be used on high speed leveling shear

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