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The terminal equipment of high speed slitting line and the inspection on slitting arbors
Mar 30, 2018

1.The terminal equipment needed on slitting line in terms of making structural steel product

Slitting machine probably cooperate with the machines like press brake, punching machine, machining lathes, plasma cutting machine, straightener, semi automatic submerged arc welding machine, defect detecting machine, etc.


2.If slitting machine can make simple hot rolled steel bars?

Slitting machine can slit hot rolled steel coil strip to flat steel bars. The slit flat bars are not so perfect with edge slitting burrs, but still widely used in construction for the reasons that: 1) high productivity, once can get multiple pieces of flat bars 2) in construction, it doesn’t require very high precision flat bars, edge burrs are no problem. 3) lattice mesh is one of the applications.


3.The concentricity and balance of disc cutters will affect the blade clearances of installing onto slitting arbors, as well affect the performance of cutters. Note to solve problem by grinding cutters.

The parallel of two slitting arbors is very important to ensure cutters smooth installing and slitting performance especially for thin sheet.

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