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The raw material, configuration and Operator of High Speed leveling Slitting lines
Mar 01, 2018

Let’s introduce the high speed leveling slitting line to improve your special knowledge of the special machines.

1.What raw materials are suitable to be processed by the high speed leveling slitting line?

Metal plates such as plain carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized plate, aluminum plate are the raw materials to be processed. Please note that the metal materials should be within a proper range.

2.Categories and Types of machine on the high speed leveling and slitting lines

According to plate gauges, can be divided into light gauge, middle gauge, heavy gauge line

According to composition, include leveler, slitter, slitting machine, etc.

3.Configuration of a high speed leveling cutting line

Raw material for the line: cold rolled, hot rolled steel plate, stainless steel plate

Process: Uncoiling, leveling and cutting to certain length

Include: coil loading car, uncoiler, hydraulic snubber arm, side guide, leveler, transmission bridge, length fixer, shearing machine, transmission table, pneumatic stacker, discharging table and hydraulic lifting support as well as hydraulic system and electric system.

4.The importance of operator

The operator should know about each machine of the line, and understand how to operate each machine and control the whole line, to be sure that quality product can be made.

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