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The products suit high speed leveling and cutting line
Mar 28, 2018

High speed speed leveling and cutting line is used for leveling and cutting steel sheets.

Steel plates suit high speed leveling and cutting line, whether spiral pipe welding line need high speed cutting line

Thin and middle gauge steel plates suit being processed by high speed leveling and cutting line. At the beginning of spiral pipe welding line, from uncoiling to leveling & cutting, the equipment structures and functions are similar to that of high speed leveling and cutting line.

What’s the leveling and cutting on spiral pipe welding line?

Leveling and edge milling: level steel plate to be flat and then machine the plate edges by milling machine, to get the steel plates of width, edge parallelism and beveling shape.

Cutting to shape: cutting steel plate to required shapes.

In high frequency pipe welding lines, if need the high speed leveling and cutting line

The steel strip leveling and cutting locates at the beginning of the pipe welding line, for the whole process of pipe welding line is uncoiling, steel strip leveling, strip head and tail cutting, welding, strip accumulating, forming, welding, burr scraping, sizing, cutting, testing and packing.

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