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The precision of cutter shaft of slitter
Mar 07, 2019

The precision of cutter shaft of slitter (as core unit of slitting line) is the most important: the cutter shaft bears not only the up-down shear force ,but also the cutting axial force. The radial run-out of fixed end cutter shaft should not be more than 5um, The run-out of moveable end shaft should not be more than 10um (precision grade slitter shaft run-out less than 5um), The sag of shaft should not be greater than 0.3 mm (the precision slitter should be controlled within 0.1 mm)

In order to achieve good tool axis(slitter shaft) accuracy, we need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Precision Machining of cutter Shaft

2. Choose rolling bearings with sufficient precision and implement pre-tightening measures in bearing installation. Especially, precision grade longitudinal slitter machine and below 1mm ordinary grade slitting machine. Grade of Rolling bearings P4 or P5

3.The precision of cutter disc knives and spacers, knife Blade flatness and thickness tolerance. Axial precision during installing knives is very important to reduce the accumulative error of tool seam for installing knives. The thickness precision of each cutter and spacer control within 4-5um

The efficiency and accuracy of installing knives and spacers are closely related to slitting quality. Installing knives takes a high percentage of working hours, Generally 30-45 minutes for each time knife tools changing, at that time, the whole line is in stopped state. If the knives can not be changed quickly, no matter how fast the slitting speed, the slitting machine efficiency can not be full enough, thus this becomes the bottleneck of production.

At present, the speed of longitudinal shearing line is generally 120 m/min in China, 200 m/min in Taiwan, more than 400 m/min in Europe. Considering 5-10 minutes for rapid changing knives

In Europe, generally rotary tool axle holder is used to rapidly change knives. In Japan and Taiwan, mostly two slitter heads are used to exchange on an exchange



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