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The Importance of slitting knives and the width of slitting machine
May 07, 2018

Slitting knives and slitting machine width are important and specific sides of slitting machine, we think it necessary to introduce.

The slitting line and slitter

Slitting line is a whole production line including metal coil opening, sending, slitting, tensioning and recoiling. A slitter is the main machine of slitting line.

Does both sides submerged arc welding steel pipe production line need slitting machine?

The raw material of submerged arm welding steel pipe production line is made by slitting, to be sure the steel strip edges are smooth and straight,suitable for both sides submerged arc welding.

Importance of slitting knives

The quality of slit strips largely depend on the state of slitting knives, the slitting operator should pay attention to check the wearing of slitting knives and make sure the knives within tolerance, otherwise, regrind the knife blades or change to new blades.

The slitting machine width

Slitting machine width decides the max coil width available to be slit, the wider a slitting machine, the wider coils can be slit. In the conditions of same slitting thickness and slitting speed, the slitting machine width decides the machine price and machine production.

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