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The flattening of flat steel and possibility of high speed flattening
May 11, 2018

To briefly know about the flat steel (flat bar) production line, it is helpful to make good quality flat steel.


The flattening (leveling) of flat steel

The leveling of flat steel is the fine leveling step,which is operated to squeeze and press flat steel section to reach required parameters. The leveling parameters can be finely adjusted to make sure good flat steel product.


Cold rolled flat bars made by the flat bar production line

Cold rolled flat bar is one kind of flat bars, which range 12-300mm width and 4-60mm thickness. The flat bar section is rectangular with edges are blunted. The cold rolled flat bars can be as finished product or input raw material for afterward production.


Stainless steel flat bars

Stainless steel flat bars are very popular, which can be made at high speed.


Hot rolled flat bars and continue cold rolling

Hot rolled flat bars can be made from wire rods. After that, cold rolling can improve flat bar quality.

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