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The Advantages of flat bars production line with fine rolling machine
Mar 09, 2018

To know about the flat bar producing process, we need to know about the flat bar fine rectifying machine, rolling mill.

1.Fine rectifying machine of flat steel

Feed the cold flat billets into staggered leveling rollers (two groups), to level the flat billet thickness, and one pair of fine rectifying rollers to squeeze press the billet width to get the required flat steel parameters.

The thickness leveling and width pressing degree can be adjusted.

As well, the straightness of steel bar can be straightened in width.

The fine rectifying process: pre leveling, fine rectifying, straightening, rear leveling, containing control panel, fine rectifying rollers, pre-leveling unit, straightening unit, etc.

2.The selection of flat bar rough rolling

The selection of flat bar rough rolling should accord to actual application, currently, mostly choose three roller rolling mill.

3.Advantage of Induction heating without oxidation

Improve efficiency and automation, reducing labor intensity

Non-oxidation on flat bar surface enhance yield degree and reduce production cost.

Continuous production can shorten work process and improve producing flexibility.

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