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Technical advantages of flat steel production line and flat steel finishing machine and roughing mill
Feb 23, 2019

The flat steel production line, as its name implies, refers to a production line used to produce flat steel. Therefore, it is called a flat steel production line. Then, in addition to the above understanding, what should be known and understood about this production line? In the following, we will explain the relevant knowledge for this problem, so that everyone can know what it is, so that it can be operated correctly and rationally.


1. Flat steel finishing machine on flat steel production line

In the flat steel production line, there is a flat steel finishing machine, which is mainly used for flat steel finishing. Its working principle is:

The cold flat steel blank is pre-leveled and further leveled by two sets of leveling wheels arranged in a staggered manner; at the same time, the width of the flat steel blank is squeezed by using a pair of oppositely arranged finishing wheels. In order to achieve the predetermined parameter value, the amount of compression is adjustable. In addition, in terms of the width of the blank, straightening work is also carried out.


The process flow of the flat steel finishing machine is: pre-leveling - finishing - straightening - post-leveling. The system is mainly composed of five control boxes, a finishing press roll, a pre-leveling unit, a finishing unit and a straightening unit.


2. Selection of rough rolling mill in flat steel production line

If a roughing mill is used in a flat steel production line, then it should be properly selected so that the normal operation and use of the production line can be guaranteed. Generally speaking, in terms of selection, it is mainly determined by the actual situation and the environment and requirements. However, from the current point of view, it is mostly using a three-roll mill because it is very suitable and has a good effect.


3. Flat steel production line uses induction heating to quickly and non-oxidizing benefits

In the flat steel production line, if the technology of rapid heating and non-oxidation is used, then it will bring certain benefits. Specifically, it is:


(1) Improve production efficiency and automation, and at the same time, effectively reduce labor intensity.

(2) The problem of oxidation does not occur on the surface of the material, thereby increasing the material yield of the material and reducing the production cost of the material.

(3) Continuous production can be realized to shorten the production process. At the same time, in the production process, it can be flexibly changed to adapt to different actual situations. In addition, there is no problem of environmental

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