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Steel Pipe Finishing Equipment
Mar 26, 2018

Steel pipe finishing equipment is to finish the steel pipes, improving the tube properties and performance. The pipe finishing is very important and indispensable to make good quality pipes.

1.Pipe finishing equipment is indispensable part of pipe finishing production line, mainly include pipe straightener, packing machine, ash blower, defect detection, inspection, painting, stacking, etc.

2.Pipe finishing equipment, as important part of pipe cold drawing line and pipe cold rolling line, is designed according to steel pipe material, properties, quality, etc, to make good steel pipes.

3.The pipe finishing can be hot finishing or cold finishing, which is chosen according to actual demand. Anyhow, all finishing process is mechanically achieved following instruction manual.

The finished seamless pipes are more advantageous than solid steel, widely used to make structural parts and mechanical parts, the quality of seamless pipes are dramatically decided by finishing process.

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