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Slitting Process and Slitting Knife Clearance Adjusting
Dec 25, 2017

Slitting machine is a kind of machine widely used in steel coil processing. Do you know about the slitting process, composition of slitting machine as well as other relative sides? To correctly and properly operate the machine, we briefly introduce below four points: 

1.Slitting Process

Slitting process: coil loading car, uncoiler, coil head guide, pinch feeder and leveler, coil head shear, 1# swaying bridge, side guide, slitter, scrap winder, 2# swaying bridge, pre separator, tensioner, strips sender, shear, overturn roll, swaying plate, recoiler, output discharging car, hydraulic system, electric system.

2.Composition of slitting machine

Slitter is the core machine of slitting line,

besides slitter, slitting line contains coil loading car, hydraulic uncoiler, strip accumulating loop, slitter, scrap winder, tensioner, hydraulic nip-mouth recoiler, coils discharging car as well as hydraulic and electric systems.

3.Slitting knife clearance adjustment 

To adjust the clearances between upper slitting knives and lower slitting knives, usually by high precision knife spacers. Moreover, note to check the concentricity and balance degree of slitting knives shoud be good enough, otherwise, first grind the knives to be concentric and balance enough.

4.The Confirmation of Slitting knife clearance

The clearances between upper and lower slitting knives are very important, for it is closely relative with slitting performance.

Generally, knife clearances are confirmed according to knife adjusting software or experiences. Anyhow, be sure that knife clearances are correct before slitting coils.

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