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Slitting machinee purchase considerations and how to avoid the bending of the finished product
Nov 07, 2018

The slitting machine, which is a common and commonly used equipment in machining, is mainly used for shearing work, so it can be considered as a shearing device. The following is the familiarity and understanding of this equipment to achieve correct use and rational use, to make the best use of materials, to avoid waste.


1. Selection considerations for the slitting machine

The slitting machine is a device that needs to consider some factors or specific aspects during the purchase process, such as product origin, detailed parameters, real-time quotes and price quotes, manufacturer and product quality and after-sales service. Factors are factors that must be considered. Otherwise, you will not be able to purchase suitable products. In addition, if necessary, the product use environment and usage requirements may also be considered.


2. The price factor and production process of the slitting machine

The product price of the slitter is an important aspect, and it is not scornful and sloppy. From a professional point of view, it has some influencing factors, for equipment configuration and manufacturer, because the slitter configuration or manufacturer is different, there will be different product prices. Moreover, the relationship between the configuration and the price is proportional, and the higher the configuration, the higher the product price.


The production process of the slitting machine is: feeding trolley - unwinding machine - feeding device - traction leveling machine - head shearing machine - 1# swinging bridge - correcting feeding device - slitting machine - waste edge winding machine - Over-the-frame - 2# swing bridge - pre-separation device - tensioning machine - feeding device - splitting shearing machine - steering roller - rear axle - winding machine - discharging trolley.


3. The slitting machine cuts different materials. Is there a different amount of clearance? How to avoid the upswing after the steel plate is cut?

The slitting machine cuts different materials, which corresponds to different gap amounts, but there is generally a knife-matching software. If not, it can only be controlled according to previous operating experience. Generally speaking, steel is 8%-10%, and non-ferrous metals are 2%-6%. Silicon steel is 12%-14%. However, in order to avoid the problem of upturning after the longitudinal shearing of the steel plate, the depth of the blade pressure should be controlled to achieve the purpose.


4. The construction of the slitting machine and how to avoid sheet bending

The slitting machine is composed of a ground hydraulic uncoiler, a circular shear feeding head cutting mechanism, a high-precision spacer circular shearing machine, a balloon-type taper double tension mechanism, a hydraulic receiving machine, a cantilever supporting device, and a unloading trolley. Electrical control cabinets and other components. However, in order to avoid the problem of bending after the longitudinal shear of the sheet material, effective measures should be taken from the aspects of the sheet itself, the operation method and the adjustment of the equipment, so as to achieve the purpose.

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