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Slitting machine process and blade clearance adjustment and determination
Feb 22, 2019

The slitting machine, which is a mechanical device, especially in machining, can be often seen because it is very widely used in application. So, do you know the process flow of the slitter, the composition of its units, and other related basic aspects? Therefore, in order to use this device correctly and reasonably, the above will be achieved by familiarizing and understanding the above.


1. Process of slitting machine

The process flow of the slitting machine is specifically: feeding trolley-unwinding machine-feeding device-tracting leveling machine-aligning shearing machine-1 swinging bridge-correcting feeding device-slitting machine-waste edge winding machine - Over-loading frame - No. 2 swinging bridge - Pre-separating device - Tensioning machine - Feeding device - Splitting shearing machine - Steering drum - Rear axle - Winding machine - Discharging trolley - Auxiliary support - Hydraulic system - Electrical system.


2. The composition of the slitting unit

The slitting unit is different in composition from the slitting machine because its components or components are subject to increase, so it should be briefly understood.

The components of the slitting unit are mainly hydraulic loading trolley, hydraulic inner hoisting machine, transition bridge, slitting slitting machine, edger, hydraulic tension station, hydraulic jaw winding machine, and discharge hydraulic pressure. This one of the trolleys. In addition, it includes two systems, hydraulic and electrical control.


3. Adjustment of the installation clearance between the upper and lower rolling blades of the slitting machine

If you want to adjust the installation clearance between the upper and lower blades of the slitter, then under normal circumstances, it is carried out by precision gaskets, so that the adjustment can be achieved. However, in the adjustment process, it should be noted that if the blade concentricity or balance is not good, you need to re-grind the knife first, solve the problem, and then adjust the work.


4. Determination of the gap of the slitter blade

On the slitter, the blade clearance is very important, because it will affect the shearing or cutting effect of the slitter, so it can't be sloppy. In general, there will be a knife-matching software to determine the appropriate blade clearance. If not, it can only be determined based on actual operating experience. In addition, it should be noted that the amount of clearance should be controlled to avoid various

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