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Slitter machine is the highest precision unit in the slitting line
Mar 04, 2019

Slitter machine is the highest precision unit in the slitting line .By arranging the number and spacing of the slitting cutter discs on the upper and lower knife axes, the uncoiled metal sheet can be cut into several narrow strips in longitudinal direction continuously, and then rolled up again by recoiler. The whole process is completed continuously with higher or lower slitting speed  according to production requirement.The number of slitting varies from several strips to dozens usually relating to sheet thickness.The minimum width of narrow strips should be no less than cutter thickness

Common structure of Slitter consists of base,moveable frame, upper and lower axes,fixed frame,and drive transmission device etc.

The accuracy of machine can be divided into ordinary and precision grades according to different material and use.Ordinary precision is acceptable for slitting less than 3mm thickness cold rolling carbon steel plate, while slitting soft steel strips such as non-ferrous metals and tinplate should adopt precision slitting machine.

In order to ensure the quality of shearing,it is necessary to ensure that each pair of blades has precise parallel clearance and overlap.Generally the knife clearance of the upper and lower blades is only 7%-10% of sheet thickness. The softer sheet ,the smaller control of knife clearance,the higher precision requirement is ,for example 0.3mm thickness carbon steel ,0.03 knives seam and 0.3mm aluminum strip,0.02mm knives seam,the overlap of upper and lower knives can be 0.15mm

In order to ensure good slitting quality and precision, should pay attention to:

Fixed frame and moveable frame should be have enough stiffness to ensure keeping the accurate position of cutter axes.

The base should have enough stiffness and strength to avoid warping deformation

The parallelism and rotation precision of upper and lower cutter shafts should be good enough

High accuracy of disc cutters and spacers

Among them ,the accuracy of cutter shafts is most important :the cutter shaft not only bears the shear force ,but also bears the axial force coming from slitting. The radial runout of the axis at the fixed end should not be bigger than 5um, the axis runout of the moving end should not be bigger than 10um, (precision grade shaft runout is less than 5um). and axis sag should not be bigger than 0.3mm (precision grade shaft sag less than 0.1mm)

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