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Properties and Composition of Steel Plate Slitter and Slitting Line
Jan 04, 2018

Steel Plate slitter is one kind of slitting machine, the material to be slit is steel plate in coils. We will discuss further to make you know more about the steel plate slitting machine.

Steel Plate Slitter and Slitting Line

Steel Plate slitter is one part of steel plate slitting line, more exactly the core part of slitting line.

Steel plate slitter is able to longitudinally slit pieces of flat steel plates, but unable to slit steel coils.

Steel coils need a slitting line to open the steel coil by uncoiler, then longitudinally cut into steel strips and recoil steel strips to be small baby coils. Continuous rolling mill line and tube forming & welding line and roll forming lines use the slit baby coils.

Composition of Slitter unit and Slitting Line

Steel plate slitter unit is composed of:

Machine base: welding assembly of steel plates and section steel and then heat treatment of the welding seams.

Portal stands: welding assembly of steel plates, one stand is fixed and the other is movable, with aging treatment

Arbor shafts: made of 40Cr or  42Cr, with tempering and quenching, grinding, intermediate frequency hardening treatment and hard chrome plating, strictly control the parameters of length, width, diameter, circular runout, etc.

Lock of arbor shaft: left hand thread nut and right hand thread nut to lock the shaft.

Gearboxes: gearbox body is welding assembly of steel plates, gears are 40Cr forge steel with tempering and quenching treatment.

Steel coil slitting line is widely seen production line, including coil car, uncoiler, pre leveler, slitter, edge scrap reeler, tensioner, recoiler and coils unloading car.

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