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Properties and composition of slitting steel strip slitting machine and its production line
Feb 24, 2019

Slitting steel plate slitting machine, as can be seen from its name, it is in the category of slitting machine, so it is essentially a slitting machine, but it is mainly used The steel sheet is longitudinally sheared and slit, so it is called a slitting steel strip slitter. And below, on this basis, we will continue to familiarize and understand this kind of slitter, so that we have a preliminary understanding.


1. Relationship between slitting steel plate slitting machine and steel plate slitting machine

The slitting steel strip slitting machine and its relationship with the steel strip slitting machine are: a slitting steel strip slitting machine, which is one of the steel strip slitting machines, so that between them is an inclusion relationship That is, the latter contains the former.


The steel plate slitting machine is one of the slitting machines and is a device for longitudinally slitting the steel plate, so it is mainly used in steel processing. In addition to the slitting plate slitting machine, there are two types, single type and combined type. In terms of composition, there are mainly unwinding, material positioning, slitting and coiling, etc., to complete the material cutting and prepare for subsequent processing.


2. The composition of the slitting steel strip slitting machine and its production line

The composition of the slitting steel plate slitting machine, in particular, the following are mainly:

Base: Generally, the two materials, steel and steel, are welded and qualitatively processed.

Arch: It is divided into fixed arches and activity arches. It is welded by steel plates and treated with aging.

Knife shaft: It is an important part of the slitting steel plate slitting machine. It can be processed by 40Cr in the material, and it can be tempered, ground, plated, and intermediate frequency processed. On the tool axis parameters, there are length, width, diameter and jitter values.

Tool shaft locking: The tool is locked with a nut, and at the same time, the left and right screw nuts are used.

Synchronous gearbox: generally steel plate welding and qualitative treatment, and has been processed by a boring machine. In the material, it is forged from 40Cr. In addition, quenching and quenching treatments were also carried out.


The production line of slitting steel slitting machine is also a relatively common production line, and it has many components, or components, in its composition. Therefore, in particular, there are loading trolleys, uncoilers, leveling machines, slitting steel strip slitters, winders, tensioners and unloading

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