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PPGI(pre-painted galvanized panel) roll forming line machine
Jul 13, 2018

Civil constructions such as workshops, warehouses, parking houses, airport, museums, cinemas, use a lot of colored steel tile plates which are formed by roll forming. A PPGI tile roll forming machine include uncoiler, roll forming and cutting.

The popular models of PPGI roofing tiles: YX840, YX860, YX900, different covering area of each piece tile plate. On roof, glazed tiles are very welcome.

The centerline between upper and lower rollers should be on the same line, taking the center roller as standard, the flatness of rolling line should be within 1mm, and the clearance between upper and lower rollers should be within +0.1mm. Tolerances are adjusted by ruler or feeler. The made tile plates are flat, graceful and beautiful, with good strength and long life span.


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