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Phenolic foam products is not toxic?
Dec 15, 2017

Related applications of phenolic foam products I believe we all understand, with the widespread use of phenolic foam, more and more users began to pay attention to the performance characteristics of the product, many users are more curious phenolic foam is not toxic it? Let's explain to you by our professionals.

Phenolic foam toxic? Believe it is puzzled by the hearts of many consumers, first of all it is non-toxic to phenolic foam when it is not burning, and high-quality phenolic foam burning is also non-toxic, you can rest assured use.

In addition phenolic foam product density is very small, heavy truck is also very light, can effectively reduce the weight of the building, reducing the load on the building, the construction is very simple, can effectively improve work efficiency. Phenolic foam insulation board sound absorption performance is very good, and closed-cell foam structure is more conducive to sound; therefore, is also a good sound insulation materials.

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