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Phenolic cutting machine products before cutting need to be prepared?
Dec 15, 2017

Phenolic cutting machine related products do not know how much we understand it? What are we going to do before using the cutting machine? I believe many users are more concerned about this issue, followed by Xiao Bian to understand it, I hope for your help.

Phenolic cutting machine before use must carefully check the performance of the equipment to ensure the integrity of the various components. Power knife switch, saw blade tightness, saw blade guard or safety baffle for detailed inspection, the console must be solid, nighttime operations should have adequate lighting brightness.

Phenolic cutting machine before use, turn on the main switch, no-load test turn a few laps, to be confirmed safe before allowing start.

Phenolic cutting machine before operation must check whether the power supply and power tools on the regular rated 220VA voltage match, so as not to be wrong connected to the 380VA power supply.

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