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Phenolic cutting machine product design features introduced
Dec 15, 2017

1, Phenolic cutting machine easy to use: the world's leading PCI bus-type CNC laser cutting system in the United States, the operation is simple and flexible; high-quality fiber laser control system, with laser power adjustment, to ensure cutting quality, easy operation.

2, stable and practical: enhanced welding bed, high temperature tempering vibration aging to eliminate stress, deformation of the machine can be controlled at ± 0.02mm.

3, Phenolic cutting machine efficient material: used in standard metal sheet cutting, saving time and material.

4, Phenolic cutting machine servo double-drive gantry structure: bridge gantry structure, imported rack guide transmission, using centralized lubrication device, easy maintenance.

About the phenolic cutting machine to explain to you here, if you want to know more exciting content feel free to check out our website updates.

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