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Operation regulation of Steel coil Slitting and The Steel coil problems
Mar 29, 2018

Steel coil slitting line is to slit steel coil into small coils, it is important to take note of slitting regulations and coil materials problems.

1、Steel coil plate slitting machine, what factors decide the number of slitting?

The slitting machine is to slit steel trip in longitudinal direction and recoil the slit strips, with edge irregular scrap winding up. The number of slitting is decided by the machine slitting capacity, so, the clients should tell how many strips to slit for each thickness of steel strip, the slitting machine will be designed accordingly.

2、Operation regulation of slitting machines.

The operators should know well of machine details and experienced in slitting line operation. Put on labor protection articles before starting the machine.

After starting the machine, can not open electric cabinet door, nor touching electric facilities. Focus on machine operation, not bothering by other things.

Load coil by coil loading car, should carefully put steel coil on right position of coil car, and load coil onto the center point of uncoiler.

Don’t touch the motors, transmission gearboxes or rotating parts.

3、How to avoid the differences of slit strips in lengths?

Two points should be noted to avoid the problem:

The thickness of raw steel coils should be even without much differences.

The recoiling tensions should be stable and even to make sure tight recoiling, the recoiling speed should match with slitting speed.

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