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Operation of slitting machine in workshop and the sizes of slit strips affect the slitting machine configuration
May 14, 2018

Longitudinal slitting machine and the Strip slitting machine are the same, just describe slitting machine from different respect.

Operation of steel coil slitting and pipe making

The Slitting process: mainly include three steps, decoiling, slitting and recoiling, between decoiling and slitting there are coil opening device and pinch feeder, before slitting a side guide is important, after slitting an edge scrap winder, before recoiler a tensioner and deflector rollers are necessary, of course, strips separating without entangling with each other is very important.

After slitting, the slit strips go to make steel pipes, the process will be: uncoiling, strip head and tail cutting, welding tail of last strip and head of new strip together, loop to accumulate some strip, forming, high frequency welding, scrap off burrs, cooling, sizing, fly cutting, inspection and packing, sometimes hydrostatic test, defect test are needed.

Besides slitting machine, other kinds of metal cutting machines available?

For example, shearing machine, combined punch & shear machine, water jet cutting machine

The relation of steel strip thickness and width with slitting machine

The steel strip width and thickness decides the model of slitting machine. The finished baby strips tolerances decide the slitting machine precision. The production capacity decides slitting speed.

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