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Operating procedure for steel coil plate slitting line and How to avoid strip slitting problem
Jan 05, 2018

Steel coil slitting line,in other words,is a kind of equipment to longitudinally slit steel coils, different steel materials and material thickness determine different structure of slitting line,Here we will introduce some knowledge for you to operate slitting line better.

1.What does the slitter refer to in slitting line?what determines the number of slitting?

In a slitting line,the slitter refers to cutting steel coils longitudinally,is to cut wide coil into narrow strips and to cut off the irregular edge scraps. the factors like motor power ,the equipment precision will impact the number of slitting.

Operator should be familiar and understand all aspects of the slitting line,and has the operating certification,before working should wear protection articles and have a good safety measures to ensure safety

After machine being on power,don’t open the door of electric controlling cabinet at will,don’t touch electrical equipment in case getting an electric shock, ,operator should focus on operating the slitting line. 

When loading steel coil,make sure to put steel coil on the right position to avoid accident.

When the slitting line running,,don’t touch the parts of power transmission and rotating to avoid danger.

How to avoid the strips of different lengths due to elongation?

Please note the below critical points:

Make sure the thickness of coming steel strips uniform, not varying much.

Make sure tensioner provide uniform tension, which relates to recoiling speed and tightness, the tension should be smaller when outer diameter of recoiled coils is bigger.

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