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Middle thick gauge flat steel bar making production line
Nov 09, 2018

Slit HR steel coil plate into multi strips of required widths 30-50mm and then cutting to length up to about 10m. this production process is very popular in construction field to substitute the traditional HR steel bars, with high efficiency, power saving and environment advantages.

Steel plate grating grid plates

The steel plate grating plates and made by flat steel bars and wire rods, with flat steel bars longitudinally laid in even distances and wire rods transversely welded onto flat bars by wire mesh welding line. The grating plates are popular in steel structural platform, scaffold of stairs, covers of drainage ditch.

Flat steel cold rolling machine

Flat bars also can be made by cold rolling machine from wire rod coils. The production process is wire pay off, vertical and main horizontal rolling(4sets), tension stand, take up or cutting to length.

The testing flat bar line and flat bar production line, what rhythm of producing a flat bar?

Before producing steel bars in big scale, test flat bar machine and then regularly produce flat bars according to product plan. The rhythm of producing a flat bar is the avarage time to make one piece steel bar, which can be as a index to assess a line’s efficiency.

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