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Intelligent cutting machine working principle is what?
Dec 15, 2017

Cutting machine application computer can simulate the processing path to ensure the accuracy of each cut. On the computer can optimize the nesting, take full advantage of the need to cut the foam, save you money. The comprehensive safety system of the cutting machine guarantees no accidents during operation. The system consists of four safety plexiglass doors with interlock switches and a broken-wire protection brake. Once the safety gate knife motor and the drive motor are opened, the operation stops.

Cutting machine is mainly used for the level of polyurethane soft sponge cutting, the working principle is to use the blade mounted gantry along the screw, column up and down for vertical movement, table feed back and forth, the sponge blank in the work surface by High-speed cutting with a knife, cut into the desired thickness of the sponge sheet.

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