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Important considerations and raw material requirements for flat steel production line purchase
Dec 24, 2018

The flat steel production line is a production line that can be used for flat steel processing and manufacturing, and the products of the production line are all kinds of flat steel. Therefore, only after you have a comprehensive understanding of it can you know how to use it properly and reasonably. Use, in order to make the product have a good use effect, thus avoiding problems such as waste.


1. Does the flat steel production line have important considerations for product purchase?

The purchase of this product in the flat steel production line requires all relevant factors and important aspects to be considered. From a professional point of view, it is an important consideration, but it should be noted that as long as the product is purchased Relevant can be considered an important consideration, not to say that some of them are important considerations. In addition, in consideration, comprehensive and comprehensive considerations should be made in order to have an accurate judgment and, in turn, to select a suitable product.


2. In the purchase of flat steel production line, what are the commonly used purchase channels?

In the purchase of flat steel production lines, there are two common ways to purchase them. One is to find the direct purchase from the manufacturer, and the other is to purchase the product on the relevant industry website. Moreover, it is also necessary to know that no matter which way you choose, you need to know the specific information of the product and the manufacturer and the contact information of the manufacturer, so that it is convenient to conduct telephone consultation, which is also conducive to the correct purchase of the product.


3. If it is cold-rolled flat steel, is there a requirement for the raw material used in the flat steel production line?

Flat steel, if it is cold-rolled flat steel, flat steel production line has specific requirements in the use of raw materials, is required to use a width of 12-300mm, thickness of 4-60mm and a rectangular section with a slightly blunt edge of the steel, If these requirements are not met, the flat steel of cold-rolled flat steel cannot be obtained, and this is one of the basic requirements for processing and manufacturing for the flat steel production line.


4. Is there a process of galvanizing in the flat steel production line?

In the flat steel production line, there are many processes, some of which are basic and indispensable processes, and the galvanizing process is not included, so whether it is carried out depends on whether there is galvanizing needs, and it is necessary to carry out this. Item operation, if not, does not need to be carried out. In addition, if forced, it will increase the production cost of the

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