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How to count the size of male sleeve and number of strips
Mar 05, 2018

Longitudinal shear plate strip machine,which sounds a bit complex,just called slitting machine,aims to  steel material.The following is some knowledge about slitting machine in order to let all to know more it

1.In longitudinal shear plate strip machine,if knowing the gap of knives,finished product width,size of female sleeve,can we work out the size of male sleeve?

If we know the gap of knives,finished product width,size of female sleeve,we can work out the size of male sleeve.for example,the gap of knives is 0.05mm,width of finished product is 50mm,as well size of female 50.1mm,ok,the size of male sleeve is 50.1-10*2-0.05*2=30mm

2.Can the shearing machine use in steel plate slitting line?

Shearing machine can be used in slitting line because of they have the same object-steel plate.So shearing machine can equip other devices to get better performance

3.How to avoid the problem of length inconformity and  accumulation hole.

Accumulation hole,which is an important part in slitting line,can accumulate material in the hole to assure the line normal avoid the problem of length inconformity,we can solve it by two is to assure raw material thickness uniformity,another is to assure tensile uniformity in tensioner.

4.What can affect the slitting ability and numbe of slitting strips?

Slitting ability and number of slitting strips are two important parameters in slitting line,they are two measurement index,indigate the slitting machine ability big or little.the quality of slitting machine and productin requirement are showed by the two function .

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