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How to avoid the operation rules and feeding problems of slitting steel plate slitting machine
Feb 25, 2019

The slitting steel plate slitting machine, which is literally understood, refers to a device used for slitting and slitting steel plates, so this specific name will be available. In terms of attributes, it belongs to the slitting and slitting machine, but it has certain pertinence on the medium. In the following, the relevant knowledge will be understood and mastered so that in actual work, it can be used correctly to make it play its due role and effect.


1. What is the specific longitudinal shear in the slitting steel strip slitter? In addition, the number of its divisions is determined by what?

In the slitting steel plate slitting machine, the longitudinal shearing mainly refers to cutting along the strip direction, specifically, the slitting and trimming. The number of strips is determined by the performance of the machine, or the ability it achieves. Therefore, the performance of the equipment has a certain impact on the number of strips.


2. Operating rules for slitting steel strip slitting machine

(1) The operator should be very familiar with and understand all aspects of the equipment, and have a qualification certificate. Before work, wear protective equipment and, at the same time, take safety precautions to ensure safety and safety.

(2) After energizing the slitting steel plate slitting machine, the electric control door cannot be opened at will, and it is strictly forbidden to touch the electrical equipment by hand to prevent electric shock and injury. In addition, the operator should concentrate on the operation of the equipment, and do not do things with the work.

(3) When loading the trolley, pay attention to the cooperation of strength, and at the same time, determine the location of the discharge, so as to avoid the problem of random placement of raw materials. Also, on the uncoiler, make sure you have the exact location.

(4) The slitting steel plate slitting machine cannot open the control box door arbitrarily during operation, and its transmission and moving parts cannot be touched by hand to avoid danger.


3. How to avoid the problem that the length of the slitting steel strip slitter belt is different?

It is very simple to avoid the problem of slitting steel strip slitting machine. As long as you do the following work, you can do so, specifically, it is:

(1) In the thickness of raw materials, it should be uniform and there should be no major changes or deviations.

(2) On the tension mechanism, it should be ensured that the tension is uniform, because it is related to the tightness of the winding of the equipment and the speed of winding it, so it cannot be ignored. Moreover, it is necessary to know that the tension between the tension and the outer diameter of the winding is inversely proportional, that is, the larger the tension, the smaller the outer diameter of the

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