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High speed leveling cutting line -its application, cutting style and standards
May 12, 2018

High speed leveling cutting line is to rapidly level and cut metal plates.

Standards of high speed leveling cutting to length line

The reference standard GB26485-2011 regulates the design, assembly, operation and maintenance of the high speed leveling cutting line, not only for each machine but also for series of machines.

Flat blade cutting or Oblique blade cutting

Mostly flat blade cutting is adopted, sometimes oblique blade cutting is used, although the flat blade cutting requires more power to cut off.

Cutting strength transmission and application of high speed leveling cut to length line

The transmission of cutting strength is through PU roller, the roller can support certain thickness and width steel plates or steel coils.

In the punching press workshop, we can see the high speed straightening cutting line to straighten, cut steel plate to certain length.

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