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Floor tile cutting machine to talk about the type of floor tiles
Dec 15, 2017

1. Polished tiles: Polished tiles is a kind of bright brick polished by the surface of the whole brick body, which is a kind of whole-body brick. Relative to the whole brick, the polished surface to be much more smooth. Polished tiles can make a variety of imitation stone, imitation wood effect. Polished tiles are light, hard, and hard to bend. Although the surface looks very smooth, but the slip performance is still good.

2. Microcrystalline stone: Microcrystalline stone in the line is called ceramic glass ceramic composite board, which is a very low water absorption of ceramic stone, almost zero, a variety of filthy mud, dyeing solution is not easy to penetrate infiltration, attached to the surface Dirt is also easier to wipe clean, especially for the convenience of building cleaning and maintenance. However, there is a big disadvantage of the ceramic stone, glass beads falling off the surface of heavy objects easily broken.

3. Antique Brick: antique brick imitation of the old style of doing the old, with a unique classical appeal to attract people's attention, in order to reflect the vicissitudes of life, the history of the heavy antique brick are durable, the longer the surface of the glaze The brighter it will be with your family for a long time without getting outdated.

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