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Flat steel production line product use and specific types and available processes
Feb 26, 2019

The flat steel production line is mainly used to produce the finished flat steel. Therefore, the name of the flat steel production line will be available. Moreover, in terms of attributes, it belongs to the category of production lines, so it is necessary to be familiar with and understand, so that you can increase the expertise in this area. At the same time, you can also understand the different types of production lines, and thus broaden your horizons.


1. What are the specific uses of flat steel produced by flat steel production lines?

The flat steel produced by the flat steel production line generally has a width of 12-300 mm and a thickness of 3-60 mm. Its cross-sectional shape is a rectangle, and it is slightly blunt. There are many specific uses for this purpose, for example, as a finished steel product or as a thin slab. Therefore, its application range is for the production of hoop iron, tools and mechanical parts, as well as building frame structures and escalators.


2. What is the production process of flat steel, which can be used on the production line?

In the flat steel production line, the production process that can be used can be determined according to different actual conditions, for example, using negative deviation rolling. In addition, thickness, fixed width and fixed length production can be carried out according to customer requirements, in order to meet the actual use requirements, and at the same time, it can reduce labor and material waste and improve production efficiency.


3. Medium and heavy plate flat steel production line in flat steel production line

The medium and heavy plate flat steel production line is one of the flat steel production lines. In specific applications, the hot rolled sheet is slit and cut into a plurality of narrow strips. Moreover, it is a plate of medium and heavy plate on the object of use. It is about 10 m in shear length and 30-50 mm in strip width.


The medium and heavy plate flat steel production line, which is produced by flat steel with a certain width and length, is therefore used more in the construction industry. The production line is characterized by high efficiency, environmental protection, low cost and high yield. In addition, in the use of equipment, mainly rolling mills, heating furnaces, cutting equipment, segmental shears, cooling and fixed-scale equipment, as well as finishing equipment, etc., are very important,

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