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Flat Bar Production Line, Application and Available Process
Jan 29, 2018

Flat bar line is a production line to produce flat bars (flat steel).Below we brief the flat steel application and the flat steel producing process

1.What’s the application of the flat steel?

The flat steel specification 12-300mm width and 3-60mm thickness, its cross section is rectangular shape with edge a little blunted, used for making hoop iron, tool, mechanical parts, construction frames, stairs and light billets, etc.

2.Producing process of flat steel

According to customers requirements on thickness, width and length of required flat steel, to adopt proper process, such as minus deviation rolling, to make flat steel.

3.Middle and Heavy Gauge flat steel production line

As one flat steel producing process, the middle and heavy gauge flat steel production line longitudinally slit Hot rolled steel coil plate into multiple steel strips of 30-50mm width and about 10m length. The advantages of the process: high efficiency, low cost, high yield and eco-friendly.

The process contains: rolling mill, heating furnace, discharging device, slitting, cooling, cutting to length, finishing machine.

The middle and heavy gauge flat steel are applied a lot in construction industry.

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