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Examples of those metal plate materials suitable for high speed leveling cutting to length and how to operate the tension leveler?
May 30, 2018

1.High speed Steel plate leveling cutting to length line

High speed leveling cutting line is popular for steel plate.

Besides the often seen cold leveling, sometimes hot leveling is needed.

Hot leveling either wholly heated or partially heated.


2. Steel coil plate leveling and cutting

To get flat steel plates from steel coil, should first decoil the steel coil, then level and cut to length. the decoiling leveling cutting to length line speed can be up to 80m/min, either flying shear or stop shear.


3.What types of motors are more suitable for the high speed steel plate leveling and cutting to length line?

DC motor is better, and controlled by SCR enlarged DC controller.


3. Tension leveler for the high speed leveling and cutting line.

Tension leveler are driven in distribution, some rollers are driven by one motor, the others driven by another motor, this can reduce the mechanical interference and minus torque problems. The advantages: extend the life of work rollers, protect the steel plate surface during leveling, especially for middle or thick plate can improve leveling effect.

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