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Composition of steel plate longitudinal slitting machine and the comparison and application of slitting styles.
Apr 26, 2018

Steel plate slitting machine is to slit steel plate into narrower strips.

Steel plate slitting machine can be a slitting line or a slitter unit. A slitting line is to slit steel coil strip which include coil loading car, uncoiler, pinch feeder, side guide, slitter, tension stand, recoiler, coils discharging car,hydraulic system, electric control system, etc. The steel plate slitting machine unit slit piece of steel plate into pieces of plates which include entry table, side guide, slitter, exit table, electric control, etc.

The slit steel strips are used for after steel product production. To get different sizes of steel strips, should change slitting knives, spacers and rubber cushions.

Thin sheet slitting machine is to slit steel coil of small thickness, usually slitting at high speed up to 150m/min -200m/min, which requires high precision electric control system and high precision machine machining and assembly.

The high precision electric control system includes motor driver cabinets, PLC, touch screen, encoder,contactors, relays, etc.

The shear and slitter in the slitting line

The shear is to transverse cut steel plate or steel strips, either locates at front after uncoiling or at rear before recoiling, can divide big coil of long length strip into smaller coil of shorter length.

Slitter is the main machine of slitting line, to slit steel coil strip in longitudinal direction to get small baby coils of certain widths for production after slitting.

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