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Characteristics of Roll Forming Technology and the Solution to forming deformation.
Sep 18, 2018

The cold rolling machine is to continuously press and bend metal coil plates such as steel strip, aluminum strip, colored steel, pre painted steel in transverse profile and thus make out open mouth, half open and closed type of profile products such as studs and tracks, window frames, roll shutter, cable tray, CZ purlins, safeguard panels, roofing panels, container panels, etc. And finally cut to length.

The forming deformation comes from imbalance of forming force, if left-right force imbalance, will cause left-right bending, if up-down force imbalance, will cause torsion.

The solution to forming deformation:

Generally, the forming process design should be forming force balance, machine machining should be precise and easy adjustment during roll forming production.

Specifically, 1) the neutral layer calculation is exact, the incoming material size is correct, the rollers symmetry is nice.

2) The non-change area of plate is better not pressed, the gap between upper rollers and lower rollers should be same.

3) The entry inclined degree for each pair of rollers should make steel plate move forward smoothly and stably.

4) Rollers precision must be very good, will specially check the rollers under projector with 20times amplifying.

5) At drive side, tapered roller bearings are adopted to ensure main shaft radial runout within 0.04mm.


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