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Are the blades important for the slitting line & width of plate affects on price
Jan 22, 2018

Regarding to the slitting machine,we will make you more learn about it by below aspects,in order to make full use of the slitting line and get more economic benefit

Is a slitting line needed in producing steel pipes,

The steel pipe making process contains:slitting, uncoil, leveling, cutting coil head and tail, accumulation, forming, welding, removing burrs, fixing size,flaw detection, fly cutting, initial check, straight-hydraulic test, flaw detection test, printing&coating,finished product,so it must use a slitting line to get input strip.

The importance of slitting blade

Regarding the blades,customer should have enough attention,usually check the degree of abrasion loss,if exceeding the range of normal regulation should replace them avoiding to affect the quality of cutting 

Can a slitting machine cut all steel material?Is there any effect on price based on difference width slitting machine?

Slitting line can cut most of steel material but not all ,difference coil width and thickness will affect the price of slitting machine.

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