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Application of flying shear in the cut to length line
Mar 14, 2019

Application of flying shear in the cut to length line

With the improvement of industrial automation, common stop-shear can’t meet the requirement of improvement in cut-to-length line. Adoption of flying shear which drive knives to realize fixed -length cutting in feeding process, and freely change cutting length and feeding speed to improve the cutting efficiency

Flying system consists of three parts: measuring ,feeding ,cutting

The measuring system consists of vector encoder and measuring wheel, by measuring wheel to calculate the running length of steel plate

Feeding system consists of motor, control system and feeding rollers, is to complete feeding work under Smooth and non-slippery

Cutting system consists of servo system and flying –shear device, The servo control system drives the shearing cutter to cut the steel plate according to the set cutting length and feeding speed. Encoder feedback the feeding speed and position to shearing-drive system, The shearing mechanism is driven by eccentric wheel, and the mechanical synchronous positioning axis ensures the orientation, the same speed and the positioning of the upper and lower tool holders, so that the fixed tool holders can rotate.

The movement track of the shearing cutter is divided into synchronization zone and compensation zone ,The speed and position of the shearing cutter and the steel plate are synchronized in the synchronization zone to complete the occlusion and shearing process of the upper and lower blades. After leaving the synchronization zone, according to the different shearing length, the shearing cutter is compensated by acceleration or deceleration to meet the needs of different shearing lengths.

This is a precise and high-speed calculation and operation system. At present, the domestic flying shear control system is not stable, It relies mostly on imports, Reliance flying shear system is commonly used.

Flying shear efficiency: 200 mm long and 0.5 mm thick steel plate can fly 300 sheets in a minute. Maximum linear speed is to 80m/

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