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Battery Electrode Processing Machine

  • Automatic Roll Press Slitting Production Line

    Automatic Roll Press Slitting Production Line

    Automatic roll press and slitting line contains double units automatic payoff, automatic coil change and connect, roll press, flatten off waves, laser thickness gauge, slitting, CCD inspection and mark, four units automatic takeup, etc. Connecting with AGV, can realize big...Read More
  • Automatic Electrode Piece Slitting Line

    Automatic Electrode Piece Slitting Line

    A coated electrode plate for cutting a rechargeable lithium ion battery, used after the gap cutting process. The electromechanical device is used on the plate of the electrode of the cut rechargeable lithium ion battery. The substrate of the electrode plate is a steel strip...Read More
  • Lithium Battery Electrode Slitting Machine

    Lithium Battery Electrode Slitting Machine

    This machine adopts plunger type structure to ensure high speed, low noise and low impact. Our range of products is complete. It is versatile, easy to operate and reliable. We can provide you with a variety of machine parts and the necessary fine auxiliary equipment.Read More
  • Lithium Battery Rolling Machine

    Lithium Battery Rolling Machine

    Our products are characterized by high degree of automation, good leveling quality, high cutting precision, high production efficiency, stable and reliable performance, and convenient operation and maintenance.Read More
  • Roll Pressing Mill

    Roll Pressing Mill

    1. Lithium Foil Rolling Mill Introduction Rolling press, also known as extrusion mill and roller mill, is a new type of cement energy-saving grinding equipment developed in the mid-1980s. It has a high-efficiency, low-efficiency ball mill pre-grinding system and reduces steel...Read More
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